Gants Mill Wedding

Korahn and Lucy

Korahn and Lucy got married at Gants Mill in Bruton, Somerset. Gants Mill was a farm, but has been transformed into a sheltered valley with lush gardens. Similarly, it is set against the ancient stone buildings and mill workings which now house a hydroelectric power station. The mill’s history dates back to the Domesday survey of 1068, which listed in Pitcombe near Bruton two watermills, worth 20 shillings. One of these was almost certainly the site of Gants Mill.

Love birds

As expalained, these two love birds decided to tie the knot in the picturesque setting of Gants Mill in rural Somerset. However, both are from the South West city of Bristol. Moreover, they brought most of Bristol with them (or so it seemed!). Subsequently, the wedding party swelled to even greater proportions as the evening progessed. The music blared and the wine flowed. In short, a good time was had by all. Even the mother of the bride, who most importantly got her wish to carry on the family ‘tradition’. That is to say, she had to be in a photo with all the men from the wedding. Topless.

Rainbow colours

Lucy’s bridesmaids each wore a different gaudy coloured dress enabling the wedding group shots to burst with rainbow colours. I mean, I imagine that most Gants Mill Weddings are colourful due to the abundant summer blooms. But this was bordering on ridiculous!
Indeed, the technicolourama was further enhanced by the truly gorgeous late-sring day and glorious blue skies. So glorious in fact that I had to tone down the colour saturation in post-production. Thanks for giving me more work to do guys. Sheesh!

A massive thanks to Korahn, Lucy, all their (masses of) friends and family, and Greg and Elaine at Gants Mill.

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