Croyde Wedding

Nick and Natalie

Nick and Natalie’s wedding reception overlooked Croyde beach in Devon. Unfortunately, after a truly tremendously scorching summer, the weather had to break sometime. Did it have to do it on Nick and Natalie’s wedding day in Croyde though? Consequently, I wondered at the timing of the incoming storm and the thought of someone up there chuckling to themselves.

Tipi flaps

After Nick and Natalie’s wedding, I have a love/hate relationship with Tipi wedding venues. First of all, I love shooting weddings anywhere. I mean, I really love photographing at any locations, be they stately homes, gardens, beaches, barns, treehouses, fields… you name it, I love it. It’s just, well this Tipi seemed to have a mind of it’s own! As a result of the healthy coastal winds that prevailed that day, the parts of the Tipi that weren’t nailed down (literally!) tended to flap around! Let me ask you a question: What’s the worst thing that you could put next to a flapping tipi wall at a wedding? You guessed it…

Consequently, the culmination of some ferocious tipi flaps resulted in the wedding cake taking a nose dive onto the floor. Suffice to say, the mother of the groom (also the cook) had to be plyed with a few stiff gins whilst the debris was cleared.

Rock dancing

The inclement conditions did not stop our up-for-anything couple and extended family and friends ensemble enjoying themselves immensely! Due to the bad weather, I had stalled asking Nick and Natalie to head down to the beach for portraits. Therefore, I was more than a bit put out that rather than tailing off, the squall intensified! I asked if our intrepid couple fancied a walk down to the beach anyway. To my relief, they were completely game for a laugh! After much slippery rock dancing, inside-out umbrella weilding and spoiled hair-dos aplenty, we regained the safety (ha!) of the Tipi. With not one damn given, this couple epitomised the free-spirit vibe.

From the antique double-decker bus ferrying the wedding party to the church in nearby Braunton (and subsequent damp return!), to the impromptu mariachi band night-dancing in the rain, Nick and Natalie took it all in their stride.  Before I go,  I’ll just leave you with this thought – did I mention the private ice-cream van parked outside the wedding reception?

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