Loire Valley Wedding

Sophie and Alexis

Sophie and Alexis got married in the super stunningly amazing Saint-Cyr sur Loire, Tours, France.

Perfect backdrops

What’s a Cornish wedding photographer doing shooting a wedding in France you might ask? Well, I love to travel and am available for weddings pretty much anywhere!
That said, the setting of the beautiful town of Tours in France’s idyllic Loire Valley could not have been a more perfect location. For instance, the carpets of bluebells and tunnels of lush green trees. These were just part of the grounds outside the Saint-Cyr sur Loire Hotel de Ville. Moreover, couples are traditionally allowed to meet before their wedding in France. In other words, I had ample chance to make use of the perfect backdrops for photography with Sophie and Alexis. After that, I had some beautiful images with the happy couple in the bag!

Next, it was time for the first service! Guests began to arrive and congregate in another part of the stunningly beautiful grounds. As everywhere seems to be stunningly beautiful in the Loire Valley, it’s easy to forget this is a truly magical place. Wedding number one was soon done and dusted, which meant time for wedding two!

Two Weddings

The Hotel de Ville was only a short walk from the Eglise Saint Cyr/Sainte Jullite for the second service. Yes, they love weddings so much in France that they get married twice! Well, ok, it’s not just because they love getting married, a church wedding isn’t actually legally binding in France so they need to ensure there is a ceremony at the local Hotel de Ville too.
The beautiful setting and dramatic ceremony of the church added another layer to the truly remarkable day.

And once the church service was over? Well, Sophie and Alexis and all their friends were off to a country Chateau for the reception of course!

Throughout the whole event Sophie and Alexis took everything in their stride and were a model couple to their guests and their photographer!

Thanks once again guys!

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