Wedding Gallery

It’s a funny thing, but my passion for wedding photography began outside of weddings. Eventually though, I found the white dress and dark suit subject matter too much to resist! I hope this is reflected in this wedding gallery.

When I began my forays into wedding photography, the ‘traditional approach’ and associated formulae seemed the safe and appropriate direction to go in. I quickly learned that this was not in my nature. In fact, due to my ‘unclassical’ photographic background rooted in photojournalism, the subculture of skateboarding and the street prevailed.

So what you can expect from me these days is an off-the-cuff, organic approach to wedding photography. In fact, I not only disobey the rules, but feed them into the shredder and uses them as confetti!

My love of shooting people in all situations is my inspiration. For me, the wedding environment is the perfect place to be.

I hope you like my wedding photography. Take a look at the wedding gallery, which is an amalgamation of many different weddings. Indeed, I have organised them into the chronological order of a wedding day!

If you’d like to view more, please take a look at the Journal page.