Gwenfrewi Project Wedding

Aimee and Tom

Aimee and Tom decided to get married in two parts; part one being at The Gwenfrewi Project in North Wales. Formerly named St Winifred’s Church, The Gwenfrewi Project has a potential timeline dating back as far as the Bronze Age. Covid played havoc with a lot of weddings. Indeed, I’m only just catching up now with weddings that should have taken place 2 years ago. Similarly, Aimee and Tom’s wedding schedule was somewhat disrupted. They’d tried to get married in 2020 which hadn’t happened. Then due to family illness they decided to have 2 weddings so everyone could attend at least one! In other words, these guys were ready to party! What better place for Aimee and Tom to tie the knot the first time than the rolling hills of North Wales.


Both Aimee and Tom live and work in Cornwall. Tom’s family are from North Wales so it was easier for some older members to make the short journey to The Gwenfweri Project. Therefore it was only natural that they should get married there first. Above all, Aimee wanted a slightly untraditional ceremony. She wanted to meet Tom by the door of the Chapel, rather than inside. As a result, they could both walk up the aisle together. The photos of Aimee’s Dad walking her up the Church path towards Tom speak for themselves. Pure emotion.

The Dress

Amy and Tom’s second wedding was held at The Potager Garden in Cornwall and will be the subject of my next Journal post. Aimee is the resident ceramacist at Potager and has a different look at life to the norm. Now, Aimee’s Wedding Dress was made by her mum. This is a fairly unusual occurence at UK weddings. Moreover, what is more unusual is that the dress’ cut and embroidery has roots in Pagan traditions. In short, the dress, location and bride all looked synoymous with the occasion. Bravo Aimee!

So it was I left North Wales and wended my way slowly back to Cornwall with Aimee and Tom’s Cornish wedding still to come!

Thanks to Aimee and Tom once again for having me as your photographer at both weddings. Have a gander at wedding number two here.

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