The Brackenborough Hotel Wedding

Beckey and Lee

I photographed Beckey and Lee’s wedding at The Brackenborough Hotel, a gem in the Lincolnshire countryside. The Brackenborugh Hotel is tucked away in an enviable location. I marvelled at how this venue feels like it is out in the middle of nowhere, yet is close to coastal towns like Skegness and Mablethorpe. For instance, as I clicked away photographing Beckey and Lee strolling carefree through the fields, we felt miles from anywhere. Moreover, The Brackenborough Hotel has The Tennyson Suite. Because this tastefully decorated building is located some distance from the main hotel, it only serves to enhance the feeling of serenity. Most importantly, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the night garden whilst strolling through the grounds.

Essex heavy

Either I didn’t get the memo or maybe I should just have realised from the accent. The congregation at this wedding was extremely Essex heavy. My suspicions were aroused during bridal prep at a hair salon in the nearby town of Louth. While I got some fun snaps with the assembled ladies, I noticed a certain lack of Lincolnshire articulation. Consequently, this led me to believe that one of the families might not be local! I do shoot some weddings alongside legendary Essex photographer Matt Law so am used to the constant presence of a South East twang. Not ideal, I know, but you can’t get the staff*. As it turned out, Beckey’s family were all from Essex. For some reason it seemed they heavily outnumbered Lee’s Lincolnshire contingent.

Meanwhile, back in the softly-spoken oasis of the mainly Lincolnshire local inhabited Brackenborough Hotel… Lee’s preparations were all but finished. I encountered Lee and his best man welcoming guests in at The Brackenborough Hotel’s signature suite patio. The boys scrubbed up well. Hence the matching peacock patterned linings of their morning suits!

Silver thrones

Once all the formal wedding proceedings had occured, it was time to be seated for speeches and food. The Brackenborough Hotel is well kitted out with wedding paraphenalia, including two enormous silver thrones for the bride and groom. Therefore, Beckey and Lee really did look like King and Queen for the day. Beckey’s dad had both Essex and Lincolnshire sides of the family in fits of laughter with a rumbustious speech. If there had actually been aisles, the guests would have been rolling in them.

Perfect blues

As mentioned in my last post, I like to scout photo locations before a wedding. Above all, this puts everyone at their ease as we all know exactly where we’ll head to. I had noticed the proximity of the yellow flowered rapeseed fields earlier in the day. I couldn’t help but wonder at their primary colours contrasting with the perfect blues of the April skies. As the sun started to get lower in the sky, we all took a walk to the seas of yellow. Please scroll through the images below to see the magical light that we were blessed with.

Thank you to Beckey and Lee and their families, the awesome team at The Brackenborough Hotel and to the county of Essex for allowing your citizens out for the day!

*Matt is ok really 😉

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