Chycara Wedding

Hannah and Dan

I photographed Hannah and Dan’s wedding at Chycara tucked away in rural Cornwall. Chycara is a charming and discreet venue nestling deep in the Cornish countryside. The first time I visited to capture images, I was amazed at the tranquil green surroundings. Even the birds chirp quietly! Furthermore, Chycara’s homely feel never fails to relax all that come here. Indeed, the bespoke alpine style lodges provide all that guests require.

Across Cornwall

Hannah and Dan’s wedding service took place at Mawnan Smith Church on Cornwall’s Helford River. The ancient little church is steeped in history. Unfortunately, it’s interior is not steeped in natural light. In fact, it’s quite dark in there! In this case, I would normally use flash photography to ensure well illuminated images. Unless of course the vicar decides to forbid flash*. And not allow me to move. Therefore, it’s lucky that I use a second shooter at the other side of the church. Furthermore, my discreet silent shutter cameras with amazing light sensitivity can cope with such imposed conditions!

Finally, once the service was over, the happy couple burst blinking into the beautiful natural light. Hurrah! After a frenzied confetti extravaganza and multiple group shots, we headed down the coast to Maenporth beach. Luckily for us, Hannah and Dan’s limo driver was a speed demon. Consequently, we arrived at the beach before the ominous clouds decided to empty their cargo. That is to say, I spent the next 10 minutes feverishly shooting portraits before it pissed it down!

Safely warm and dry in their limo, Hannah and Dan roared off across Cornwall to the reception at Chycara. Likewise, my second shooter and I gave chase, determined to be on hand to document the happy couple’s grand entry. We needn’t have worried though. We were almost the first people to arrive!

Van life

During the Chycara wedding reception and breakfast, the storm intensified. So it became clear that my hopes of further photography in Chycara’s stunning surrounds may be dashed! Therefore, I began to hatch a plan. Most importantly, Hannah had expressed her wish to be photographed with her new husband at Chycara’s wedding pagoda. In addition, she had requested the use of pink umbrellas in these images. Unfortunately, the pagoda was almost at the other end of the 16 acre site! Maybe there was something I could do to remedy the situation? Consequently, I pulled my trusty VW Transporter up to the venue doors. Hannah and Dan clambered into the back seat via the sliding door. After that, a 2 minute journey saw us draw up at the pagoda and deposit a bone dry couple safely under the roof ready for portraits!

Apologies have to go out to the father of the bride. Maybe he had been purposely left out of the bridal prep dressing gown fitting? Either way, the flower girls fashioned a sign for him. Whether he was aware of the application of said sign to the rear of his gown, I’m not sure. In case you’re wondering, photographic evidence exists further down the page.

Thank you to Hannah and Dan for all the laughs, to Rob and the team at Chycara and to the extended families for the energetic dancing!

*I’m pretty sure she said ‘No flash’ and not ‘No flashing’.

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