The Falmouth Hotel Wedding

Katie and Ben

I photographed Katie and Ben’s wedding at The Falmouth Hotel. This stunning venue has the perfect location overlooking two of Falmouth’s landmarks: Castle Beach and Pendennis Castle. I love shooting at the 130 year old hotel as it has plenty of old world charm combined with amazing sea views! In the same vein, the light in the spacious Victorian rooms is perfect for shooting Bridal prep images. As the website says, The Falmouth has ‘witnessed drama, romance and tragedy’. However, I hoped we weren’t in for all three of them on Katie and Ben’s wedding day!


I breathed a sigh of relief as Katie and Ben’s wedding day dawned the perfect sunny Falifornia day. Falmouth’s unique climate protects it from the prevailing westerly winds of the Cornish North coast. Certainly, when the sun is out, it has more thn once been likened to a certain U.S. state…

As with all my weddings, Fun was the order of the day! I love the mayhem of bridesmaids falling over each other whilst getting ready. Make-up everywhere, glasses of prosecco getting knocked over, hair-dressing paraphenalia all over the place… Most importantly, helium-filled ballons floating out of reach to high Victorian ceilings… Yup, that’s right, when Katie’s ‘Miss to Mrs’ balloons were brought up from reception, they kept on going! Lucky for Katie, I’m well-endowed in the height department. Therefore a swift climb to the top of the wardrobes brought proceedings back down to earth!

Hydraulic Bollards

Many brides leave for the ceremony on schedule. Only some make it there without mishap. As luck would have it, I witnessed the twist of fate that would make our bride late! The Church of King Charles the Martyr is located on Falmouth’s pedestrianised High Street. I thought no one could get down there in a car without the right code to lower the hydraulic bollards. Certainly, our wedding car driver had the code – it was just the wrong one! Whilst he punched in the code to no avail, we could see the Vicar in the distance getting more and more agitated. Now, I know it’s traditional for the bride to be late, but Katie had already taken her time. An extra 20 minutes of failed code entries and we realised that a simple hash key was the answer!

Well we had the drama and we certainly had the romance. I sincerely hoped that this Falmouth Hotel wedding would not hold tradegy in-store! As it transpired, the rest of the day went swimmingly with lots of fun shooting groups on the hotel lawn. The best men’s speech was also definitely a highlight(!) Consequently, most of the photos from that slideshow cannot be published in this journal post!

Thank you to Katie and Ben and their hundreds of guests, all the staff at The Falmouth Hotel, my second shooter Danny Parker and also Silver Linings Wedding Guide for printing a Real Wedding review in their latest Winter 2020 issue! Look out for my advertisement in the same issue!

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