Polhawn Fort

Hannah and Jack

Hannah and Jack’s wedding at Polhawn Fort was not all smoke and mirrors! There was as much going on behind the scenes as there was action for all to see! Indeed, from the Heavy Metal fuelled Groomsmen prep right through to burnt evening pasties, my sides were hurting 😂. Built to prevent hostile landings along Whitsand Bay, Polhawn Fort was one of a number of Plymouth Defences known as Napoleonic Forts or Palmerston’s Follies. The Fort was constructed between 1862 and 1867 when it was known as Polhawn Battery. A battery was a specialised fortification with armaments, whilst a Fort was a fully contained Head of Command post. I could see there was no doubt who was Head of Command on this wedding day (Clue: it wasn’t Jack!).

Heavy Metal

Whilst Hannah and her entourage were getting ready upstairs, I nipped down the stone staircase to see Jack and the lads. It turned out their preparations were in full swing. Or more to the point, in full bounce. Indeed, Jack and his pals had Heavy Metal playing full blast and were jumping on their beds! I managed to snap a few photos of the long haired and bearded Welshmen in full flight!

As Jack comes from a surfing backgound, his presents to the groomsmen were wooden handplanes. I suggested a quick trip to the beach to test them out. Unfortunately this comment was met with a mixed response, mainly due to the fact Jack had to get married fairly soon and didn’t have time!

Burnt Pasties

Whilst Hannah and Jack had amazing catering during the day from Wood Fired Weddings, the wedding party were left to their own devices during the eveing. Now, the kitchen at Polhawn Fort is fully equipped for feeding a large number of people as you’d expect. Indeed, it has very large ovens. These behemoth furnaces were ideal it turned out, to load up with mounds of frozen pasties on buttered catering trays. I’m not sure whether any of the groomsmen concerned with this culinary method were chefs in their daily lives, but judging by the somewhat charred results I highly doubt it. In their defence, they were all a few shhets to the wind by this point so you can’t really blame them!

Thank you to Hannah and Jack, their friends and family and the staff at Polhawn Fort for an amazing day!

Dress – St Ives Bridal Boutique

Hair – Glam Ward

Make-Up – Glam Ward

Flowers – The Flower Press Shop

Band – Buskers and Sons

Rings – Becca Williams

Catering – Wood Fired Weddings

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