Falmouth Hotel Wedding

Katie and Connor

Katie and Connor’s Falmouth Hotel Wedding was an absolute cracker! It was also held on possibly the windiest day this decade. And believe me that is saying something as the Cornish climate is known for it’s strong breezes! Not that this would bother such a behemoth of a building as The Falmouth. Known as the ‘Grande Dame of Falmouth’, The Falmouth Hotel is one of Cornwall’s best-known hotels. The Falmouth, with it’s castle-like Victorian architecture was opened for business in 1865 as Isambard Kingdom Brunel expanded the Great Western Railway into Cornwall.


Katie and Connor chose a hell of a stormy day to get married! The plan had been that after the ceremony, we would head down to nearby Pendennis Point to take some photos. What we hadn’t reckoned with at the time was the wind! We were lucky in that the rain held off, it was more the near hurricane conditions that we had to deal with. Indeed, as we made our way down to Little Dennis Fort the wind played havoc with Katie’s immaculate hair-do. It’s a good thing Little Dennis was built straight onto the bedrock otherwise it might have struggled to stay upright! In spite of all of this, our intrepid couple climbed down through the fort and out of the gunport window onto the rocks below. I snapped off some shots on my digital camera and also my Hasselblad film camera!

Little Nip

Most couples like just a little Dutch Courage before their wedding ceremony. Katie and Connor were no different. Katie had partaken of a little Prosecco, and Connor had a drink against the backdrop of seascape panoramas in the hotel bar. As it turned out though, just before Katie walked up the aisle, Katie’s Dad had produced from somewhere a small hip flask. After taking a little nip from said receptacle, he proceeded to offer it to Katie. Well our blushing bride needed no second invitation and gulped down a deep draught!

Then it was game on! I’m convinced that the ceremony went more smoothly due to said prior lubrication. Connor joined in with a post-ceremony swig and things escalated from there. Indeed, our couple were all smiles for the rest of the day, including their adventures in the storm.

Thank you to Katie and Connor, the hip flask of fire, the staff at The Falmouth Hotel and everyone else for an amazing day!

Dress – The Bridal House of Cornwall

Hair – Victoria Jeffries

Make-Up – Carly Angrove

Flowers – Vintage and Bloom

DJ – Tom Blee

Suits – Abbito

Entertainment – Cornwall Caricatures

Cake – Peboryon

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