Stennack Farm Wedding

Megan and Josh

Megan and Josh’s Stennack Farm Wedding managed to exceed all expectations! It seemed as if everyone had been waiting for this wedding to happen for a long time. In fact, everyone had. Josh had proposed on the 1st of February 2020, just before Covid struck. So actually, waiting just a year and 8 months wasn’t too bad all things considered. And what a place to get have a wedding! A Stennack Farm Wedding takes place: ‘down a little country lane near Praze, surrounded by lush green fields and grazing cattle’. Indeed: ‘the rustic yet modern converted barn stands tall across the lawn and three quiet Cornish Cottages sit proudly at the end of a driveway.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Dog Of Honour

Megan and Josh have a large family! Indeed, not just the one daughter, but also a pair of happy dogs! Both pooches wandered around the Farm completely at their ease. This included during the wedding ceremony. I mean, if you were a dog, why would you be interested in a boring old giving of rings routine?! Yup, I think most of the guests got a lovely dribbly visitation from a friendly canine at some point. As you’ll see in the photos, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Ruby was dubbed the ‘Dog Of Honour’ for the day. She was old at the time of the wedding and has since passed away, but for that one perfect day she was the Queen (alongside Megan of course!).

Twilight Mist

Megan and Josh could not have asked for a finer October day than the one bestowed upon them. We had wall to wall sunshine and balmy temperatures. There was even an epic sunset – don’t take my word for it, check the images!

As it has a habit of doing down this way, the sun decided it had had enough and went to bed. Whilst there was still light in the sky though, an extraordinary thing happened. A twlight mist sprang up just above the grass in the meadow. The cattle became indistinct shapes in the distance. It was as if an enormous tablecloth had been pulled over the grass!

Thank you to Megan and Josh, the Dog of Honour, the staff at Stennack Farm and everyone else for an amazing day!

Dress – The Bridal Studio

Hair – Claire Ward Headz Up

Make-Up – Carly Angrove

Flowers – Flower Power Redruth

DJ – D 4 Disco

Wedding Decor – Emily Rose

Bridesmaids dresses – Babaroni

Flower Girl Dresses – UK Flower Girl Boutique

Suits – Moss Bros

Rings – Cornwall Gold and H Samuel

Pocket Watches – Spoken Gifts

Plates/Cutlery – Abbotts Event Hire

Caterer – Little Fish Hut

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