Ladock Woods family shoot

Katie and Nathan

Katie and Nathan opted for a Ladock Woods family shoot instead of the tradtional pre-wedding couple shoot. The weather was bright and breezy for our brisk stroll through the trees. Katie and Nathan brought along their two adorable youngsters for some photos of the family all together. However, I had not expected these two to be quite so energetic! Indeed, after numerous times splashing through puddles, balancing on logs and swinging from trees, I was exhausted!

After these escapades, we continued onwards for some more sedate portraits amongst the backlit pine trees. Certainly, the autumnal sunshine flitered through the forest canopy wreathing our joyful protagnists in soft light. Now, it’s no secret that I like a bit of action and movement in my photos! This Ladock Woods family shoot was no different. For instance, Katie and Nathan and their clan enjoyed a little running around the woodland paths for the camera!

Holy Well

The ancient well of St Ladoca is housed within a newly built 19th century semi-circular building made of granite. According to local legend, it never runs dry. The entrance is formed by two stones, the larger one has a Greek cross carved upon it. Inside, two 15th century cusped-shaped arches rise up from ground level.

St Ladoca was a 6th century Irish abbess who came to Cornwall with St Breage. She is said to have founded the first church here in Ladock.

Ladock Church

There has been a church on this site since at least since the twelfth century. Indeed, it is dedicated to a local saint, Ladoca in this case, who is reputed to have lived at nearby Fentonladock. The church is situated impressively on a hill above the village. The bulk of the building visible today dates from the fifteenth century. Having fallen into disrepair, the church was lavishly restored by the then rector Canon Richard Wise in 1864. The renowned Morris and Burne-Jones stained glass dates from this time.

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