Truro Registry Office Wedding

Shuni and Kaan

Shuni and Kaan got married at Truro Registry Office in Cornwall, in the captial city of Cornwall. Indeed, Truro was able to rise in prosperity and reach city status thanks to the tin and copper trade. During the 14th century, a port in Truro was established so that metals mined in the surrounding areas of Cornwall could be exported overseas. Truro soon became the central hub in Cornwall and beyond for trading in tin but also slate, copper, cloth and grain. Truro gained its city status in 1877, three years before the building of the Truro Cathedral was started. It’s been said that the name “Truro” is actually derived from the Cornish term “Tri-veru”, meaning three rivers. There are, in fact, three rivers that run through Truro: the Kenwyn, the Allen and the Truro River, which joins the River Fal further downstream.

Garden Party

Most importantly, after the Truro Registry Office ceremony was the Garden party reception! The best thing about the garden party was it’s location. Indeed, it was just around the corner! Shuni and Kaan had worked hard getting the garden ready with tents, gazebos and a lush spread of food and drink. Also, they had both spent hours making hundreds of multi-coloured origami birds to decorate the garden with.

The Shoes

Shuni and Kaan’s wedding was incredibly colourful. To be precise, Kaan’s suit was a deep burgundy and his socks a bright yellow. Shuni’s dress matched Kaan’s socks in colour, but it was her shoes that stole the show! These high-heeled flowery bad-boys were embellished by the bride with some glitter encrusted heel and toe piece detailing. About as Disney Princess as is gets!

Circus Games

Rather than just leave the guests to drink themsleves intot wedding stupor, Kaan had thought to invest in a box of circus games! The box contained such delights as a Diablo, Plate Spinning, Giant Jenga, Horse Shoe throwing, Pick Up sticks and Space Hopper racing! Ok so maybe not all of these are circus games – but these are the things that wedding photographer’s dreams are made of! Especially when there are some competitive family members doggedly playing every game until they win. Or fall head first off a space hopper!

A massive thanks to Shuni, Kaan and their families, and everyone at Truro Registry Office!

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