Herefordshire Wedding

Gus and Emilie

I photographed Gus and Emilie’s Herefordshire wedding slap bang in the middle of Cider Country. From the ancient church in Yarkhill to the rusticly lush green fields of the farm reception, everything was perfect! I had met Gus and Emilie at the farm for their pre-wedding shoot a few months previously. However, I hadn’t quite expected how the amazing this Herefordshire wedding would look!

Herefordshire Hills

The Church and Farm were set perfectly amidst the stunning scenery of the rural Herefordshire hills. The ceremony took place in Yarkhill Church. It is believed that there has been a church on that spot for 800 years. However, the Church nave was restored by the Victorians. In addition, the tower contains a ring of bells dating from the 17th Century making it ideal for a Herefordshire wedding.

Armed with this information, I was inspired by the somewhat aged yet emphatically energetic bellringers! I needed to include them in a photo. Consequently, I seized my chance whilst the ringers were knitting and reading (and snoozing!) during the ceremony. Their complete detachment from the goings on right in front of them made for an interesting juxtaposition!

From the get-go, I could see Gus’s parents farm was the ideal location for this Herefordshire wedding reception. For instance, it already has the required Barn Conversion Farmhouse™, the patchwork of green fields, wide open skies, and gently rolling Hereforshire hills. Add to this an enormous Tipi tent, caterer’s ensemble of mobile kitchens and a bespoke alfresco pub. In short, you have all the ingredients for the Herefordshire wedding to end all Herefordshire weddings!

Golf buggy logistics!

I have photographed many weddings where the logistics of getting a couple to a location for portraits have been challenging. Getting there, shooting some dreamy photos and then getting back to the wedding can prove time consuming. Therefore, I was a little apprehensive about the distances involved travelling around this Herefordshire wedding. However, I needn’t have worried. Gus’s Dad had enabled golf buggy logistics consequently allowing us to zip around all over the farm. As a result we shot photos everywhere! From beneath the Herefordshire hills all the way to Gus and Emilie’s bespoke wedding swing under the weeping willow.

One of my favourite photos from the day has to be Gus and Emilie amidst the paperbag lanterns. This amazing touch was like a field of candles lighting up the evening. I did worry that Emilie’s dress might catch fire, but just to clarify this would have improved the lighting.

Thank you to Gus and Emilie and their families plus all the staff at Izzie’s Catering for their incredible food!

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