Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre Wedding

Rosie and Ben

Rosie and Ben’s wedding at the perfectly situated Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre was blessed with perfect weather. I can confirm that wall to wall sunshine is not a common phenomena in West Yorkshire. I remember almost laughing out loud on many occasions as the sun graced so many images.

Seven Wonders of the Waterways

Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre is run by the Canal and River trust. It is set in the stunning West Yorkshire countryside at one end of Britain’s longest, deepest, highest canal tunnel. According to the website, ‘It’s one of the seven wonders of the waterways‘. The 18th century, grade II listed Warehouse has three floors with breathtaking views of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the surrounding countryside.

I made full use of said surrounding countryside for photography purposes! Rosie, Ben and I moseyed down the lush, green canal and river valley in both directions for couple portraits. Indeed, the valley appeared so lush and green in the late September sunshine I could hardly contain myself! I can’t wait to shoot another Standedge Tunnel Wedding!

One of Rosie’s stipulations for photography at her Standedge Tunnel Wedding was a group shot of the entire congregation. I positioned myself on the other side of the canal from the visitor centre building whilst Kirsty arranged everyone. Rosie and Ben stood in the second floor window with the crowds massing below. The resulting shot is included in this here gallery (n.b. please note, whilst preparing the venue Rosie had thought of everything. Right down to a covering for the advertising hoarding!)

Surprise Speech!

There were many speeches at this wedding. Therefore, I shouldn’t have been surpised when the mother of the groom took the stand. Firstly, she had the assembled masses rolling in the aisles with unexpected anecdotes. Secondly, mystery song sheets were handed around. Thirdly, I snapped away feverishly as everyone stood and belted their hearts out to a rendition performed by Rosie and Ben’s best friends.

One of my favourite photos from the day has to be from during a frenzied bouquet toss. The expression of pure victorious satisfaction on the face of Ben’s Norweigian friend says it all!

Thank you to Rosie and Ben and all the staff at Standedge Tunnel and Visitor centre for a sunny and funny day.

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