Bedruthan Wedding

Leah and Anthony

Leah and Anthony’s Bedruthan Wedding had all the elements of an incredible day! In truth, I could not have imagined a more fun and happy wedding day. If smiles are the best medicine, then my camera had ODed before the ceremony had begun! The Bedruthan’s atmosphere is one of tranquility and creativity combined. The hotel has stood since 1959, and is still owned by the same family 60 years on. Architect Richard Neutra was famed for his modernist approach back then, and this forward thinking was echoed in the design of The Bedruthan. It’s airy rooms, sliding doors and outdoor shaded terraces were a Californian desert idea before being reimagined on the Cornish coastline.


I have to credit my second shooter and partner in crime (and partner in life) Kirsty at almost every wedding as she’s amazing! Indeed, and not just at photography! At the wedding of Leah and Anthony she was worth her weight in gold! I think it was about half an hour before the ceremony was due to start. The maid of honour was putting on her dress, when it happned! One of her shoulder straps snapped*. Not to worry, Kirsty to the rescue! Yup, one of Kirsty’s endless talents is that she studied textiles for her univeristy degree. Luckily Leah’s mum had a sewing kit with her, and kirsty was able to mend the dress strap with T-minus 10 minutes to go before the cermony – phew!

Wedding Singer

Now I have seen a few different wedding singers and bands in my time. Most are very good at what they do. Some are local, some come a long way to help give the happy couple the best day ever! This time however, Leah went one step further with her choice of wedding singer.

Their favourite singer is Graeme James! As a wedding gift, Leah tracked him and down and booked him for the wedding. The only problem was that he was so booked up, he was touring around Europe on their wedding day. However, Leah told him the story of how he was their favourite singer, and how much it would mean to Anthony to have him there for the day. On hearing this, Graeme moved around a few dates and booked flights so he could be at the wedding. Due to the Covid restrictions at the time, he was only allowed to be in the country for 12 hours! So he arrived on an early flight to Bristol, drove the 3 hours to Cornwall, played during the ceremony and reception and hightailed it back to the airport! What a bonafide legend!

Thank you to Leah and Anthony, the staff at The Bedruthan and to the families and friends for all the laughs!

*try and say that really fast!

Dress – Elaine Rawlings

Hair – Kimberly Holland Hair Design

Make-Up – Make Up by Verity

Flowers – Sweetpea Floral Studio

Singer – Graeme James

Cake – The Little Cornish Cake Company

DJ – Crown Entertainment

Wedding Decor – Emily Rose Events Hire

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